Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sexual Satisfaction Scale

Do people ever say that you are "intense"?

If there was only one word you could use to describe yourself, what would it be?

On a Medical School Admissions Interview, imagine the dart of the eye as you say the word. Ahhh. Quite a good characteristic to have if one faces 26 units/semester in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Histology, and a slew of other classes.

How about on a jog? One rarely sees a smiling runner. They all seem to have this "intense" look on their faces, as they zone in on the second wind. Perhaps this allows the endogenous endorphins to run.

What about your orgasms? You knew we had to ask. It seems that whether one attains an orgasm at all, is one question. The other part of this question that has not been addressed speaks to the actual character of the event. On a Sliding Scale from 0 -10, where 0 is no feeling whatsoever (? more room for discussion here), what would 10 be? The most extreme and Intense response.

What about a 5? An 'almost' orgasm that leaves one feeling neither good nor bad?

And how does the woman feel afterwards? Dissatisfied, Satisfied, or Intensely Satisfied?
Or is she completely neutral?
So it seems that we have three values now:

Event                                                                                                                Assigned Value           
1. Attaining or not attaining an orgasm                                                             "+"  or  "-"                                        
2. The actual orgasm itself being a 0 or a 10                                                        0 - 10
3. The level of Satisfaction afterwards                                                                     ?

Let's talk about Satisfaction. Since we are addressing women's issues, let us hold that one possibility is that the Woman is a "-" and a "0". She does not attain orgasm and she is satisfied. We see several "Satisfaction" possibilities:

1. Satisfied           (Average Satisfaction,       Good Satisfaction,      Intense Satisfaction)
2. Not satisfied     (Average Dissatisfaction,  Mild Dissatisfaction,   Intense Dissatisfaction)
3. Neither satisfied nor not satisfied

So let us derive the final formula:

Event                                                                                                                Assigned Value             
1. Orgasm                                                                                         To Be =  "+" ;     Not To Be =  "-"
2. Intraorgasmic Event                                                                      None = 0;          Intense     = 10
3. Postorgasmic Satisfaction                                                             AS, GS, or IS vs AD, DD, or ID*
4. Completely neutral throughout                                                     Neutral

* AS = Average Satisfaction;       GS = Good Satisfaction;              IS = Intense Satisfaction;
  AD = Average Dissatisfaction;  MD = Mild Dissatisfaction;          ID = Intense Dissatisfaction

Clinical Examples:
1. A woman who does not achieve orgasm, and has Good Satisfaction. Her rating would be:

2. A woman who does not achieve orgasm and has Intense Dissatisfaction. Her rating would be:


3. A woman who does achieve an orgasm she rates as a "5" and has Mild Dissatisfaction. Her rating is:


Perhaps we could categorize women in terms of orgasm and level of satisfaction, and this could provide insight into other parameters such as self-esteem, cardiac health, skin tone, physical strength, happiness, quality of life, depression, and more.

What is your Sexual Satisfaction Scale? Does it change, or do you make sure that you achieve satisfaction each time?

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